Dance Class Description

Dance Class Description
Ballet slippers/shoes or point shoes are required.
Click here for the dress code.

Beginning Ballet:
Students learn the traditional ballet class structure focusing on ballet vocabulary and basic ballet barre work. The class will consist of introductory barre work, stretching, and floor exercises

Intermediate Ballet:
Students should have a basic understanding of ballet steps and vocabulary. The class will start slow with basic beginning ballet barre and will move to more advanced center work combinations which require a greater ability, core strength, and balance.

Advance-Intermediate Ballet:
Students should have a strong understanding of ballet movement, body alignment, and ballet terminology. Ballet barre combination will be at an intermediate level. Center work will focus on more complex combinations. Students will focus on the core, turn-out, port de bras, and body position while performing steps or poses. Students are welcome to participate in ballet slippers/shoes or on pointe.

If you have any questions please email us at or call/text us @ ‪(253) 765-8149‬.