Student Registration

Free Students Registration

All dancers and students must fill out the forms below

  1. Student Registration & Emergency Contact Form:
    Click here to fill out students registration form
  2. Student Liability Waiver Form
    Click here to download the Liability Waiver form.
    Fill it out, sign it (students under 18 yrs old must have a guardian signature), and bring it to class.

Once students are registered, they will need to create an account to register & check-in for classes.  Each student must have a unique email.

  1.  Sign-up for a class.  Go to Class Registration & Check-in and click on “Register” for the class you wish to attend (each student must have a unique email address).  A log-in box will appear.  If you don’t have an account click on “Newbie? Sign Up“ when the log-in box appears.  Follow the signup process.  If you already have an account, login in and reserve a spot.
    To create an account without registering for a class click on “Follow”.  Then click “Newbie? Sign Up”  (if you are on a mobile device, click on the top banner to show the “Follow” icon.)
  2. Self-check-in: Once you are registered for a class, 15 minutes before the class you can self-check-in.   Go to Class Registration & Check-in and click on “Check-in Now”
  3. Ballet slippers are required for classes.  We recommend canvas ballet slippers which can be purchased on Amazon for around $15.  Click here for amazon ballet slippers.  Enjoy class!

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